CDI Green Energy Services

CDI has fully engaged in the rapidly growing and evolving fields of environmentally responsible energy conservation systems.  CDI is ready to assist you in developing the potential energy savings available on your existing or new structures and/or sites through evolving LED lighting technologies and other energy conservation options. 

Our design team will review your energy usage utilizing your existing electrical bills along with on-site metering if required and will then survey your facilities to provide recommendations for the most cost effective and productive solutions.  Through the utilization of new LED lighting technologies including integrated lighting control systems significant energy savings can be realized along with increased system life expectancy and reduction of maintenance costs. 

Solar Technnologies:

Through partnerships with quality photovoltaic solution providers, CDI is able to offer assistance in enhancing your green energy initiatives through the utilization of solar generation technologies. All of partners with whom we work are experienced, NABCEP certified, and have a working relationship with the local utility providers to ensure a quality and standards compliant installation.

High Efficiency Lighting:

In attempting to reduce energy consumption in the commercial and industry workplace, one of the key components which must be considered is that of lighting efficiencies.  In recent years significant advances have been realized in lighting technology.  From the introduction of compact fluorescent lamps to induction lighting, and now LED technologies, customers have been realizing an increase in efficiency and lifespan of lighting products.  As a further development of these technologies, alongside the innovations in product sets, the field of lighting controls has grown and developed.  These advances are most clearly seen in technologies such as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and zone control systems. 

CDI has partnered with Redwood Systems in providing the next step in LED lighting control and efficiency offering a Category 6 cabling infrastructure to both power and control LED lighting fixtures while harvesting data at each fixture location including occupancy information, temperature, lighting level, and CO2 levels.  The information gathered is available to the lighting control engine for a variety of programming options and may also be relayed through standards compliant protocols to interface with building automation systems, HVAC controls, security systems, time and attendance systems and a variety of other applications.  The expected energy saving for lighting systems alone in a typical commercial facility can exceed 80%.

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